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Bone Folders

Our Bone Folders are made from selected parts of cattle bone which are strong and smoothed down and polished making them ideal for hand binding. Pointed bonefolders are pointed at one end and rounded at the other, where as the rounded bonefolders are rounded at both ends. Teflon® 'Bone' Folders are almost unbreakable. They are made from Teflon® and have the same non-stick properties as other Teflon® products. A traditional bone folder is carved from real animal bones. Teflon®, offers a number of benefits over bone and plastic, one being the non-stick properties, which means that adhesives, inks and paints will not stick to it. Traditional bone folders may get worn down, discolored, and stained with age; this leads to cleaning required. Teflon® bone folders; will only get smoother and shinier with age. Please contact us for further information about our book binding equipment or bone folders at or phone 0161 480 8484.

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