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Knives, Blades and Handles

Knives, Blades and Handles

Handles & blades are designed to interlink, and the choice is yours! Swann-Morton surgical blade handles No. 3 are 12cm long and No.5a 13cm long. No. 3 and 5a handles hold blades 10 and 10A where as No. 4L handles hold the 22A blades. Blades come in packs of 5 & 100. Clicker Knife Holders hold both curved and straight clicker blades. Steel Paring Knifes are available in left and right handed versions, with pre-sharpened edges. The length of these are approximately 25cm. Traditional Bookbinders, Clipt Point or Tulip Knife has a beech handle with 10cm carbon steel blade. Gilders Knifes are made with a Carbon Steel Blade, which is used to cut gold leaf on the gilders cushion prior to application. Due to its length, it does not photograph well for online use. Swann-Morton Retractaway Retractable Blade Knife - Now introducing Swann-Morton blades in a safe, retractable handle (similar to a slim Stanley knife design). Comes complete with 2 blades and instructions. Takes No. 10, 10A 11 and 15 blade refills. No need to leave sharp blades out on the table again! Sharpening Strops (14" x 2" approx) contain a wooden handle with leather and emery one on each side, with aflexicut polishing rubbed into the leather. Designed with loop for hanging. Excellent for sharpening knives etc. **You must be aged 18 years or older to order knives or blades from us.**

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