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Tooling Iron

FJ Ratchford are pleased to offer two items which are both suitable for free hand tooling. Please click on the link below to find out more about our free hand tooling irons:- F J Ratchford are pleased to present our electric hand tooling irons and accessories. Electric Tooling Iron With a controllable temperature feature, our Electric Tooling Iron produces consistent results time after time! Comes complete with: 36 interchangeable brass heads* Quality pliers 1 metre length of blocking foil Stand. *- NEW! Now included in the brass heads is our Tacking Iron Head. No need to purchase a seperate tacking iron! Tacking Iron Head For Electric Tooling Iron - NEW! This new product attaches to your existing Tooling Iron to transform it into a tacking iron! No need to buy a whole new iron! While stocks last. Picture Heads For Electric Tooling Iron - NEW! We now have a small range of picture heads for the electric tooling iron. Please see the designs below. The Stylus free hand pen is similar in design to the Electric Tooling Iron, but it comes without any attachments, and can only be used free hand. It is once again ideal for design led projects, and suitable with most foils.

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