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Gilding is the process of covering an item with a thin layer of paint or gold leaf. In days of old gilding was a way to show off ones wealth and was prevalent in Asia and the Middle East. Nowadays gilding is still viewed as a means of enhancing a product, by adding brilliant gold or silver finish, and with the advances in technology and the improved quality of imitational gold, gilding need not be an expensive activity. Gilders Burnishers - Size 25 & Size 30 Made from the finest agate and used for the final process of polishing gold leaf to create the bright mirror finish. For flat areas the larger the agate the better. Gilders Knife Used to cut gold leaf on the gilders cushion, prior to application by gilders tip for oil, gelatine or water gilding. Gold Leaf sheets Available in booklets of 25 leaves each measuring 80mm x 80mm in loose leaf where each leaf rests between rouged pages of the booklet. B.S Glare Is a sizing liquid made from egg whites beaten and solutions added i.e vinegar and used to prepare the surface of a book binding for gilding. Professional Gilders Cushion with Parchment Shield A padded and draught protected surface upon which to cut loose gold leaf.

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